Who are the “Duty Free” prices for? Who are the “Duty Free” prices for?

Who are the “Duty Free” prices for?

Exemption from tax at stores inside the customs zone depends on the traveler’s destination, not on nationality or origin. The boarding pass serves as legal proof, and is requested during checkout.

Spirits, tobacco, fashion, and ready-to-wear products

Passengers traveling to countries outside the European Union or to French overseas departments or territories can enjoy duty-free prices on spirits and tobacco.

In contrast, passengers traveling to countries within the European Union pay all taxes (duty paid) on spirits and tobacco.

Perfume, beauty products, food, and electronics

All other product categories in our stores are available at Duty Free Export prices regardless of your destination (perfume, beauty products, food, electronics, etc.). This distinction between product categories is due to current French customs policy, which covers operators working at the airport.

Special conditions for the United Kingdom

Starting from January 1, 2021, new pricing conditions may apply to your items depending on whether you are traveling between the European Union and the United Kingdom.

For more information, visit the French customs website directly by clicking here.

More information

To view customs exemptions for each destination, visit the IATA TRAVEL CENTRE website directly by clicking here (updated regularly).